Not Published Yet, But We ARE On TV Tropes!

It’s no surprise that I routinely have a good many links in my blog posts (and other Internet writings) to TV Tropes, a website run along the lines of Wikipedia that looks into the tropes and motifs that are common to many forms of fiction, be it literature, films, TV, or video games.

Well, now there is a page for my work-in-progress, The Alpha Trilogy.  You can find a link to that page here, and get a glimpse into the story and its dynamics.  Be warned, though, that there are spoilers, but you would have to highlight the appropriate lines in order to read them.

And if there are any readers out there who like what they read on the TV Tropes page for this work and happen to have connections to the publishing business…

Let’s talk.

This is the Scriptorium, signing off!

Edit: This article is out-of-date.  The corresponding TV Tropes page has been removed and the work in question is no longer available.


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