Stand Back! Reimagining In Progress!

Don’t be alarmed, faithful readers–and especially you newcomers to the show.  If anyone’s been following the previous incarnation of this blog, the Scriptorium, I’m not at all sorry to say that it’s gone.  Previous entries may still be found here, but the site itself is taking on a whole new direction.

*clears throat*

Hello, hello, this is the Rhapsodist, coming to you live from sunny Southern California on the early afternoon vibes!

Yes, I’m now the Rhapsodist.  Anyone who wants a definition of that word can find it at the “About Me” tab on the top of the page.  This new site will now cater to the interests of that crowd who hunger for Science Fiction & Fantasy (SF&F).  If you’re hungry for books, films, TV shows, and songs that take you to realms far beyond your familiar setting, to eras and cultures so unlike your own, then this is the Place To Be.

It may take me a little bit to get myself on a proper blogging schedule, but with any luck, I’ll be holding myself to a determined schedule of fresh new posts every Tuesday and Thursday evening.  ‘Til then, just sit back, crack open a book, turn on the Tube (or YouTube, if you’re under 50), and keep yourself occupied for the rest of the week, because then we’re kicking it into lightspeed and soaring through the infinite landscape of Speculative Fiction!  It may be terrifying, it may take you places where you don’t want to go, but it will never leave you bored if we do our job right!

For that, my friends, is the Rhapsodist’s pledge.


5 thoughts on “Stand Back! Reimagining In Progress!

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