An Announcement About Upcoming Reviews

Today I’m taking a break from my current lineup to let you all in on a curious development.

Very recently, I received a letter from Dorrance Publishing Co., a 90-year-old firm who had found an old manuscript of mine and was interested in reviewing it.  Naturally, I was excited and sent along a copy of the manuscript.  But when reviewing the company and its history, I came across this link: Get Free Books – Dorrance Book Review Team.

Apparently, if you sign up, you can receive one of their books free of charge.  You then have a month to read it and write up an online review of no less than a hundred words about it, with a little insert in each review publicizing Dorrance Publishing.

After reading this, how could I possibly resist?

So within the next few weeks and (hopefully) months, you’ll see quite a few Dorrance-related reviews, and most of it focused on science fiction novels.  This way, the company gets some publicity, I get some new stories to cover, and everybody’s happy.

With that said, this Thursday’s review will be focused on a novel from Dorrance Publishing by Jenna Moore, entitled The Creators: Book I, The Universal Wars.

So once again, thanks a lot to Dorrance and its staff, and here’s to a promising line of reviews in the future.


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