Searching For Adventure? So Is He!: F.-Ron Gilbert’s Nothing As It Seemed

Copyright © 2004, F.-Ron Gilbert.

I recently decided to review Nothing As It Seemed by F.-Ron Gilbert for Dorrance Publishing.  The blurb on Dorrance’s site had caught my attention and I thought this would be a rather intriguing and character-driven story involving a young man leading a double life.

Then I discover that it’s only thirty-two pages long.  And about five of those pages are illustrations–good illustrations, but not actual text contributing to the overall story.

Our protagonist is none other than Francis Gilbert, a stand-in for the author.  The description on the Dorrance website said that the protagonist, Gilbert, would be:

“flipping back and forth between his two lives and two worlds leaves him dazed and confused—in one he is normal, mild-mannered Francis, and in the others he is a vengeful, cunning, and resourceful defender of humanity.”

Well, I guess that might be true, but there isn’t much of that “flipping back and forth.”  The first part of the story is him being mild-mannered, and then the rest is just fighting off bad guys, attacking a giant ant that comes from out of nowhere, and… fighting off more bad guys.  And that’s it.  No real internal conflict, no attempt to maintain an elaborate masquerade to protect his loved ones from the dangers he fights in his other persona.

You know, none of the stuff that countless superheroes have been dealing with since the invention of comic books.

If this book were only the first part of an ongoing series, I might accept this.  Gilbert’s only just getting into the role, so we don’t see all the consequences of his actions yet.  But near as I can tell, this is all we get, and it ain’t worth it.  Nothing As It Seemed was not at all what it originally seemed to be.

Rhapsodist’s Addendum: Be sure to tune in next week for my review of Neuromancer, a work that is beautifully detailed and is all kinds of awesome.

I received a complimentary copy of Nothing As It Seemed as a member of the Dorrance Publishing Book Review Team.  Visit to learn how you can become a member of the Book Review Team.

Bibliography: Gilbert, F.-Ron.  Nothing As It Seemed.  Pittsburgh: Dorrance Publishing, 2004.


5 thoughts on “Searching For Adventure? So Is He!: F.-Ron Gilbert’s Nothing As It Seemed

  1. f ron gilbert

    It was originally only intended to be a short story to secure the copyrights. I was approached by Dorrance to publish it exactly how it was. But it is part of a series, but will be released by me as I would prefer to be at the controls. It was heavily edited to what it was published as. The series will also explain how he knows the blanket team. As he was being watched his entire life. He has lived a different life for each of the blanket team (he was married to one of them). This is the classic case of executives not understanding the product. The classic Hollywood syndrome, even if they are in Pittsburgh


    1. I remember that it felt like one episode of a longer work, though I had no idea that there was significant editing of the work prior to publication. I hope that my review wasn’t too hard on your work, nor do I want to discourage you from continuing to write. And as always, I’m glad to have the opinion of the actual author on my site.

      Thanks for reading and for the comment!


      1. f ron gilbert

        it was a fair review. You were only being honest. I am nearer to finishing another episode in the series, although it will be apart of a collection of shorts. I am self publishing. The next episode is called Union of Deceptions. And remember i don’t have the luxury of getting an advance. So they have to be short stories.


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