Awesome Music For An Awesome Season: The “Red Vs. Blue: Revelation” Soundtrack

Copyright © 2010 by Jeff Williams. Distributed by Rooster Teeth Productions.

As some of my readers may remember, I’m a huge fan of the webseries Red Vs. Blue and that I wrote a review for it in August of 2010.  I’m also a huge fan of soundtrack albums, which stimulate me a lot when I’m writing.  As much as I enjoy a good visual, I can really enjoy that same visual with the right background music.

So here’s my take on the soundtrack to the eighth season of Red Vs. Blue, Red Vs. Blue: Revelation, on a track by track basis.

Track 1: “Agent Tex”

The first track of the album is great for two reasons: it evokes every great moment from the fight in Episode 10 of Revelation and features actual lines spliced throughout the song.  The melody is a fast-paced folk beat with choral voices in the background (and why does adding a choir to anything make it more epic in tone?).

Agent Tex is a bit of a badass.”  There’s an understatement if I ever heard one and the music just bears it out.

Track 2: “Prelude”

This is just a slightly more-than-a-minute-long track that gives a taste of the music you’ll hear in Track 3, but it’s still a worthwhile snippet.

Track 3: “Boss Battle”

Tex Vs. The Meta and Agent Washington.  Fucking yes.  What other music could be set to that fight than heavy drums and guitar, all fitting in with the punches being thrown and the shots being dodged amidst a snowy backdrop.

Track 4: “Ice Fight”

I love how this track opens with a gentle tinkling of piano (or something that sounds similar to one, I’m not entirely sure which).  It’s evocative of snow falling, lasting for just a few seconds right before punching straight into the epic guitar riff and choir of the continuing fight sequence between the three biggest badasses in the RvB series.

Track 5: “Plagam Extremam Infligere”

The name for this track is derived from an ancient Latin phrase that roughly means, “killing someone violently.”  And if you’ve already seen Episode 19 of the series, then you’ll know just how violently that someone is, um, killed.

I rather like how this track starts out using some of the same rock melodies as the previous two songs, but then it segues into this weird, almost atonal chant of “Plagam Extremam Infligere.”  However, the percussion in the background of this chant more than makes up for it in my opinion.

Track 6: “The Pelican Has Landed”

The moment you hear this song begin, you immediately want to start banging your head and pumping your fist into the air.  Just a nice bass line with some good drums and a cool, slow build-up.

Picture a line of would-be heroes going off to battle, arming and suiting up for the biggest fight of their lives.  This is the music that sends them off.

Track 7: “Rally (Sarge’s Speech)”

It’s legitimately stirring and kinda surprising when you consider how much of a comedy show this webseries is.  But that goes double for the scene it’s set to in the show, taking a long-running gag and turning it into dramatic material on the eve of a truly climatic finale.

Track 8: “Red Vs. Blue”

This is pure rock n’ roll and a great theme for the entire show.  Not much else to be said here.

Track 9: “Epilogue”

This is the music which plays over the final monologue and scenes at the end of Season 8.  It really doesn’t sound like anything else in the show and I think it’s appropriate that it doesn’t.  The mood is soft and reflective, unlike any of the quirky dialogue or ramped-up fight scenes we’d seen up until this point.

Track 10: “Forge World”

For a song that’s only forty-three seconds long, it requires a little backstory for those who don’t watch every video released by Rooster Teeth.  Last year, the Halo franchise came out with its latest installment, Halo: Reach, which updated the animation style.  Consequently, Rooster Teeth came out with a miniseries to do the same for RvB and to promote the new game.

The final video of the miniseries gave us this goofy little song by Sarge, which also allowed fans to get a major glimpse of how in-depth and lovingly detailed this new in-game landscape was.

Track 11: “Your Best Friend”

Yet another comedic little song that doesn’t appear in the actual eighth season, this is just a catchy melody that Caboose sings about how he views his “friendship” with Church–a very one-sided, if not delusional, relationship.  I admit that there are parts where I had trouble understanding what he was saying, but after a few listens, you get the idea.  It’s both funny and creepy (which everyone knows is the best kind of funny…).

Track 12: “I Am The Best”

Church sings about how he’s the best and… that’s it, really.  It’s a kind off nice hip-hop derivative, and if not the content and quality of the song, I normally wouldn’t be as interested in it (not being that big a hip-hop fan to begin with).

Track 13: “Sarge’s Blues”

In yet another catchy and comedic song, we get Sarge singing about Blue Team in a classic rhythm-and-blues melody.  It’s quite a fun little song, especially with Sarge’s spoken asides or how he waxes lyrical about shooting the Blue Team soldiers with his shotgun–repeatedly.

Track 14: “Grifball Jam”

Again, a little backstory.  Based on an early joke from Season 4, Rooster Teeth used the Halo engine to develop its own web-based game known as “Grifball.”  This music is what plays in the background while you play and it’s energetic to match.

Track 15: “Hijo De P**a Triste”

I just love the title of this song (although it’s a nice, slow one, too).  For those who don’t speak Spanish, it means, “sad son of a bitch.”  But as for the song itself, it’s got a little Spanish flair and feels reminiscent of a surfer tune.

Track 16: “Agent Tex (Instrumental)”

It’s just “Agent Tex” without the dialogue mixed in.  Still rocks, though.

Track 17: “Revelation Suite Ost Version”

Essentially, it’s a blend of “Boss Battle,” “Ice Fight,” and “Plagam Extremam Infligere,” but it’s also the same sequence as how the music is heard during the entire fight sequence in Episode 19 of Revelation.

Track 18: “Red Vs. Blue Ost Version”

Again, it’s the same as Track 5, but with a slightly different quality, which is how it’s heard on the end credits for Revelation.

Track 19: “I Say Ooh”

This is just a happy little song by Jeff Williams and Sandy Casey, with Casey as the female vocal.  Doesn’t have too much to do with the RvB series as far as I can tell, but it’s a nice way to end the album.

Final Verdict: Just As Fun To Listen As It Is To Watch

The whole soundtrack is pure delight, from the epic rock tracks that play over the major fight scenes to the comic little asides thrown in just for the fans.  Like watching the videos, you’ll want to hear this music over and over again, hoping you might produce something as high-quality as what Jeff Williams and Company have given us.

Red Vs. Blue Revelation Soundtrack is available for download on iTunes here.

Bibliography: Williams, Jeff.  Red Vs. Blue Revelation Soundtrack.  CD.  Austin: Rooster Teeth Productions, 2010.

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