Get Your Game On!: “Stronger” by ShadyVox

Album art for the parody soundtrack to BBT Abridged. Artwork by supadave-3 (DeviantArt).

If you’re at all familiar with the term “abridged series,” then you must have heard about LittleKuriboh and his wildly successful webseries Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.  And if you’re as devoted to watching his show like me and so many other Net users, then you might have caught his latest collaborative effort, BBT Abridged, made with the help of The Azure Crow and ShadyVox.

BBT Abridged premiered at this year’s Youmacon and is hilarious from start to finish, but it’s the song at the finish that I’m here to discuss: a remix by ShadyVox with lyrics by LittleKuriboh simply called “Stronger.”

The Song: Dance Music Remix For The Geek In All Of Us

This song is in fact a remix of the Daft Punk song “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” which itself was prominently featured in the animated film Interstella 5555 (a film I just might yet review at some later date).  This song is the foundation to the true song, a fast-flowing, percussion-backed rhapsody by ShadyVox.  In-character as Jaden from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, he sings a hip summary of the entire plot to Bonds Beyond Time–or rather, its abridged version.

The Music Video: Affectionately Edited, All-Around Awesome

The editing for this music video is indicative of not just ShadyVox’s style, but also of the professional quality that can be found in a lot of the more popular abridged series.  There’s hardly any disconnect between the animated mouths and the words in the song, and as much as the lyrics are making fun of the content, the visuals are so well-timed that it becomes a love letter to the whole Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise, making a “children’s card game” seem truly epic.

Final Verdict: Hells Yeah, This Song’s Got Its Game On!

Ever since BBT Abridged was posted on YouTube and I’ve rewatched the trailer for it, I just can’t get this song out of my head–nor do I want to.  It’s catchy, it’s classy, and it’ll make you feel all right for liking trading cards and the shows about kids playing them–and the shows that other kids make that make fun of the original shows.

Rhapsodist Edit: In fact, the song, while covering a parody of an anime, is itself a parody of the Kanye West song “Stronger.”  However, I think ShadyVox does a much better job with the melody, singing faster and more lyrically interesting than Kanye’s slower, more self-centered delivery.

Bibliography: “Stronger.”  Lyrics by LittleKuriboh.  Performed by ShadyVox.  Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time Abridged: The Unoriginal 3D Movie Spoof Soundtrack.  2011.


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