The Rhapsodist Answers 23 Questions About Anime

Thanks to Hear The Sea (who originally got this from Ace Railgun and Anime B&B), I was inspired to jump on the bandwagon and do this fun little survey about anime and what I like most and least about it.  While there are up to 100 questions in the original list, I decided to do the top twenty-three from Ace Railgun’s post since they’re directly related to anime.

1. Who Is Your Favorite Male Anime Character?

Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop.  Obviously.

2. Who Is Your Favorite Female Character?

Mirielle Bouquet from Noir.  I think I appreciate female characters more after watching that show, and Mirielle was a very attractive and dynamic protagonist.  She does her job as an assassin well, but she also has a human side that dealing with her partner Kirika brings out, especially in the series finale.

3. What Is Your Favorite Anime Soundtrack?

The soundtrack to Noir.  It’s very rich and delicate for seventy percent of the time, with ominous chanting and techno-trance fight music for the rest.  Between that and the animation it’s what really pulls me into the show.

4. What Is Your Favorite Anime Opening + Animation?

Cowboy Bebop, with “Tank!” by The Seatbelts.

5. What Is Your Favorite Anime Ending + Animation?

The second half of Death Note, with “Zetsubo Billy” by Maximum The Hormone.

6. What Is Your Favorite Anime Scene?

I have a few personal favorites:

  • The arrival of Father Anderson and the other Iscariot priests to rescue Sir Integra in the Hellsing Ultimate OVA.  Picture an army of Catholic priests quoting a catechism about going to Hell to battle every last demon in the afterlife just before they tear into a pack of undead Nazis.  There is nothing about that description that I don’t love.
  • Roy Mustang taking down Lust to save Al and Hawkeye in FMA Brotherhood.  Travis Willingham gives a fantastic performance as Colonel Mustang and it’s a great scene for both the romance arc with Hawkeye.
  • Again from Brotherhood: the flashback to Hohenheim as he tries to have a normal life with Trisha and their sons.  Just that scene when they’re having a family photo taken, and Hohenheim is crying because he’s realizes that his family loves him…  it gets me every time!
  • And I know it’s become memetic, but it’s still the best part of Death Note: Light Yagami’s declaration, “I’ve won!  Exactly as planned.”

7. If You Could Meet An Anime Character, Who Would It Be?

Ryu Sasakura, the lead from Bartender.  He’s got the most encouraging smile and knows how to make the best drinks in the world.

8. What Anime Character Is Most Similar To You In Terms Of Personality?

Much as I hate to admit it, I’m probably a lot like Tatsuhiro Sato from Welcome To The NHK.  I might not be a full-fledged hikkikomori, but I have a terrible anxiety about social situations and I know exactly what he’s feeling in those moments.

9. What Is Your Favorite Thing About Anime?

Besides some of the amazing animation that can be done, I think it comes down to the storytelling.  Maybe in Japan and other parts of Asia, these stories are formula or genre tales, but to me, they’re so different from the usual fare in the West.  A story about starving bounty hunters in space or a tale about wolves that masquerade as humans in a post-apocalyptic world… try and tell me where you can find that on American TV or in any major motion picture in Hollywood!

10. What Is Your Least Favorite Thing About Anime?

Some of the goofiness can be a little forced, depending on the show.  I’m also not a huge fan of the filler episodes that just splice together scenes from previous episodes.

11. Who Are Your Favorite Anime Couple?

This is a bit out of left field, but I really like the relationship between Toji and Hikari in Evangelion.  They seem to have the happiest and healthiest romance in the entire show, though there’s a tragic side considering what Toji goes through.  But knowing what was coming to him made me appreciate the two characters even more.  They seemed to bring something light and decent out in each other, which was fantastic in such a dark series.

12. Who Is Your Favorite Anime Animal?

Black Hayate, Hawkeye’s dog from Fullmetal Alchemist.  Whether he’s being trained in “Fullmetal Vs. Flame” or actually trying to take on a homunculus in the Brotherhood series, he’s a real treat to watch (and pretty cute, too).

13. What Anime Would Make A Good Game?

Black Lagoon.  Yeah, it’d be insanely violent, but would that be so bad?

14. What Game Would Make A Good Anime?

I think it’s already been done: Halo Legends.

15. What Was The First Anime You Ever Watched?

Technically speaking, the first anime I saw was an episode of Dragon Ball Z when I was in the sixth grade (Season 4, “Mystery Revealed” if you want to know), but I didn’t care for the show at the time and never watched any anime again until my college roommate showed me the movie for Cowboy Bebop.

16. Do You Think You’ll Ever Stop Watching Anime?

I highly doubt it!

17. What Is Your Favorite Genre Of Anime?

Science Fiction & Fantasy.

18. What Is Your Least Favorite Genre Of Anime?

Anything associated within a high school.

19. Are You Open About Watching Anime With People You Know?

Very much so!

20. Have You Ever Been To Japan?

No, but I’d love to someday.

21. What Anime Was The Biggest Letdown For You?

I’d have to say RahXephon.  I was interested because it seemed like a happier version of Evangelion, but by the time I reached the halfway point in the show, I realized that I just wasn’t that invested in the characters and didn’t have a clear sense of where the plot was going.

22. What Anime Was Better Than Expected?

Appropriately enough, Neon Genesis Evangelion.  I’d heard all the bad press: the emo protagonist, the traumatizing backstories, the symbolism-heavy themes and imagery, and the whole horror of Episode 22.  But even as weird, horrifying, and saddening as the show got, I actually got really engaged with the characters and the storyline.  I think I liked it because the characters were so flawed that they seemed real and because the creators had really thought out how a human defense strategy against incomprehensible alien monsters would work.

23. What Is The Best Anime Fight Scene?

Kinda stretching the definition of “scene,” but I think I have to go with the whole final battle against Father in FMA Brotherhood.  It’s humanity at its finest: alchemists, homunculi, and common soldiers all working together to bring down one insanely powerful villain trying to become a god.  It’s got an epic scale, some amazing visuals, and serves as a great climax for the storyline for the Elric brothers.

I hope that these answers provide a better sense of what kind of anime I’m into and what I’ll be more likely to review.  I encourage any fan of anime to consider these questions for themselves, regardless of what kind of shows they watch.

Also, in case you missed Tuesday’s announcement, I’ve just published my first book, Digital Eyes, Family Ties, which you can now buy on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “The Rhapsodist Answers 23 Questions About Anime

  1. I’m starting to feel that you really like FMA: Brotherhood…:-)

    I’ more of an original series kinda guy, but I think it depends on which you see first.

    Well done on the book! I’m still writing mine…:-(


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