Poetry In Both Motion And Music: “Falling Toward The Sky” by Jeff Williams

Last August, I wrote a review for the entire soundtrack to Season Eight of the popular webseries Red Vs. Blue.  And while most of the soundtrack to Season Nine was just as good, there’s one song in particular that I really want to get into.

The fifteenth episode of Season Nine, “The Sarcophagus,” shows us the legendary Freelancers in action, pulling off a spectacular heist that sends scores of enemy troops to an early grave and wipes out an entire skyscraper with a single orbital laser blast.  Said blast causes the Freelancers to evacuate with their prize by jumping from the roof… and plunging into a visually amazing CGI free fall as they try to rendezvous with their Pelican transport.  While having to fight off enemy ships and gunfire in midair.

Who needs 3D when we can pull off visuals like this? Copyright © 2011 by Rooster Teeth Productions.

The entire tone of the episode changes at this moment.  Naturally, so does the soundtrack, bringing us the appropriately titled “Falling Into The Sky” by Red Vs. Blue composer Jeff Williams.

The song starts out as a simple twinkling of delicate notes and Casey Williams’ ethereal vocals (“Falling toward the skywaiting for my ride…”).  Then, at thirty-one seconds in, the ethereal melody falls straight into a hyper-paced hip-hop styling by Lamar Hall, with Casey Williams’s chorus floating somewhere behind it all.  This change is also nicely timed for the free fall scene, too (bringing us “back” to the Freelancers’ mission, as it were).  At two minutes in, we get a pretty awesome guitar solo and some equally good guitar licks at 2:15, followed by one last chorus to finish us off.

Overall, it’s a great song by itself, but it’s best appreciated when matched with the free fall scene from this RvB episode.  It’s got ethereal grace, sweet rapping, and a little rock-n’-roll for everyone.

“Falling Into The Sky” and the Red Vs. Blue season nine soundtrack are both available for download from iTunes.  The episode in which this song premiered, “The Sarcophagus,” can be seen on the Rooster Teeth website.

Bibliography: Williams, Jeff.  “Falling Toward The Sky (feat. Lamar Hall and Casey Lee Williams).”  Red Vs. Blue: Season 9 Soundtrack.  CD.  Austin: Rooster Teeth Productions, 2011.


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