Feel The Hot White Fire Leaping Off Each Page: The “Snowflame” Fan Comic by Julie Sydor

If you have ever read the original New Guardians series by DC Comics (or at least watched Linkara’s reviews of the comics), then you might know about this one-shot villain who goes by the name of Snowflame.

Who is Snowflame?  He’s a Colombian supervillain powered by–and devoted to–the magical essence of cocaine.

Two things to note:

  1. It was the Eighties and the War on Drugs was a big deal.
  2. Such an insane and bombastic character could only end up becoming a cult favorite among comic book fans.

Now, Snowflame has only appeared in one comic to date: New Guardians issue No. 2, Blow In The Wind.  However, he has since drawn a sufficiently large fanbase on the Internet that there is now a fan-made webcomic about him.

Julie Sydor is the creative mind behind the webcomic Snowflame, which dares to take such an insane character concept and add a more human dimension.  While Snowflame remains the same bombastic blow-snorting bad guy, there is a realism about his fanatical beliefs and how he got his start in Colombia as a drug lord named Fabian Orosco.  It’s reminiscent of how the character Bane started out as a young man in Santa Prisca before injecting himself with Venom to become the superhuman genius we know and love today.

The comic is also well-illustrated, with Sydor choosing a classy black-and-white approach with gray shading.  Much like how Christopher Nolan reapplied a gritty lens to the Batman franchise, Julie Sydor adds a darker, real-world filter to the audacity of Snowflame’s character.  At the same time, the webcomic manages to capture the dialogue and ethos of a classic DC comic book, featuring such superheroes as Batman, Green Arrow, and Raven.

I recommend this webcomic for comic book fans, Snowflame devotees, and just nerds in general.  It’s a meaningful exploration of a fun character.

Snowflame: the fan-comic series can be read on its own website and on Julie Sydor’s deviantArt page.  For further Snowflame material, I recommend checking out Will Wolfgram’s performance of the character on Atop the Fourth Wall.

First page of “Snowflame.”  Copyright © 2011-2012 by Julie Sydor.

Bibliography: Sydor, Julie.  Snowflame: the fan-comic series.  http://www.snowflamecomic.com/

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