Your Own Brave New World: Elegy for a Dead World

Lately, I’ve been on a recent tour of backing video games in Kickstarter, like The Black Glove by Day for Night Games (which sadly didn’t get the funding it deserved) and Lovely Little Thieves by Hope Chapman (the same person who gave us the Furuba Radio Drama). I’ve noticed that I have a tendency toward interactive fiction games and my Kickstarter donation tour is no exception.

So that’s why I backed and played the beta for Elegy for a Dead World.

Copyright 2015 by D Games
Copyright © 2015 by Dejobaan Games

This game is based on a series of worlds, beautifully rendered, and a tiny explorer figure who helps you create a story. As the player, you can fill in blank spaces provided by writing prompts or write your own freeform text. The idea is that you can create your own narratives.

What’s nice is that this is a game about expression rather than competition. You don’t have to score points or follow any rules. Just write and let your imagination run wild. Tell a poignant story about the downfall of an alien civilization or make up a comedic saga about your ship crash-landing in a frozen tundra. The only limits are the ones you put on yourself.

But the real joy of this game (for me, at least) is being able to share stories with other players and writers. I’ve some some poignant ones, a few lighthearted ones, and some that just didn’t want to be bothered with this game style in the first place. It’s all fine so long as you share and I think it’s a nice element, especially when you can use it in conjunction with Steam Workshop like Portal 2 players can with their puzzlemaking.

If you’re interested in backing cool-looking and imaginative games, or finding new ways to express yourself, I highly recommend this game. It’s simple but effective, and no playthrough is the same.

Elegy for a Dead World is available for purchase and download through Steam. You can learn more by visiting its Kickstarter page.

Bibliography: Elegy for a Dead World. Developed by Dejobaan Games and Popcannibal. Published by Dejobaan Games. Steam release date: Early 2015.


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