Double Review: Guardian Angel, Parts 1 and 2 by Fatima Begum

Thanks to the wonder of social media, I’ve got access to a new generation of writers and their stories that I never would have otherwise known. In today’s case, it’s thanks to a writing group on LinkedIn that I got to know a young writer from the UK by the name of Fatima Begum. Miss Begum is looking for reviews of her work, and I’ll be taking a look at her two-part ebook series, Guardian Angel.

Part 1: Me, Us, Them

Copyright © 2016 by Fatima Begum

Lily is a young woman, and Kratos (also known as “Kray”) is her guardian angel. Together, they go hand-in-hand through a fantasy land, exploring the limits of their relationship in mortal forms. But not everything is what it seems to be in this fantasy world, as Kray himself is well-aware. The only question that remains is how Lily will handle the truth for herself.

As a novella, it’s short and sweet in every sense of the term. The romance between Lily and Kray is tender and poetic, and mostly centered around descriptions of Kray’s angelic beauty and the wonder Kray feels toward Lily. The introduction of the fellow angel, Daniel, adds a new dimension to the story that moves beyond a mere love triangle and into a genuine hint of danger. The tension of the story goes beyond the gap of understanding between humans and their guardian angels, and into the gap between dreams and reality, and where Lily falls into that gap herself.

Part 2: Before and Now

Copyright © 2016 by Fatima Begum

After waking up in the real world, Lily has to reorient herself. Kray is not who she thinks he is, and Guardian Angels are not what she first believed them to be. But then again, they’re not fictional either. Lily has to go back to a world she once knew and define a relationship she thought she could trust in a new way.

Compared to the first story, while the sequel is longer, it’s also a lot more setup and filler around the identical plot. We begin with Lily’s accident, and then we proceed past the events of Me, Us, Them to see what the fallout is from Kray’s revelations and Lily’s awakening. Considering how much of the story is just Lily and Kray continually expressing and reasserting their feelings for one another, it never quite feels like we’ve taken a step forward storywise. We do learn a little more about Daniel and Kray’s friendship, but most of the story is rooted around Kray, Lily, and their fervent love declarations.

One thing I really did appreciate from this story, and what I think sums up the entire series, is this passage from Before and Now. It’s a well-written piece, and if you have the patience to know Lily and Kray after this, then you might consider giving this short, sweet series a read.

It’s not stubbornness, it’s not called being selfish, it’s not a one day or a one night relationship. It’s a feeling one can’t explain. You don’t need to know someone for months or years to develop such feelings. You don’t need to know their likes or their dislikes, or their lifestyle. It’s not even an urge to have something you can’t have, it’s just a feeling. Something simple. In fact, so simple that there is literally no words to explain it. It’s strong enough to make you do a double take; to actually think whether to ignore it or not. And when you lean towards it, it holds you tight. It laughs at your vulnerability, but smiles at the determination to succeed. It stands proud to know that you’ve embraced it no matter what the consequences. But, it’s invisible to prevent you from telling others. It wants to be just yours; personal, for you to only feel. This is what we call feelings. We name it emotions. We judge it to be the absolute truth. This is love. But as with everything, it’s a contract that warns you of consequences, telling you to be prepared for reality.

Both ebooks of the Guardian Angel series are available on Amazon. You can also learn more about Fatima Begum on her official website.

Bibliography: Begum, Fatima. Guardian Angel: Me, Us, Them. Amazon Media, 2016.

Begum, Fatima. Guardian Angel: Before and Now. Amazon Media, 2016.

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