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What a Rhapsodist is (And Just Who the Hell I Think I Am)

To find out what a rhapsodist is, take a look at this definition from The American Heritage Dictionary:

rhap·so·dist (rāp’sə-dĭst) n.

1.  One who uses extravagantly enthusiastic or impassioned language.

2.  also rhap·sode (-sōd’) One who recited epic and other poetry, especially professionally, in ancient Greece.

Since ancient Greece is no longer with us, having passed on to the sweet green fields of Elysium, it’s that first definition that captures just who the hell I am.

I love language. I love stories. I love the magic of words and cadence, the thrill of a new idea, and the frenzy of whipping from one perspective to another, like a ghost possessing multiple bodies. And that verve, that passion, that drive for excellent experience, is what I hope to share with you. Even in my most negative reviews, I hope to share with you the best qualities of other people’s stories.

This site is dedicated to the review of stories that keep me coming back for more—namely, stories in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Anime. I hope to be a voice of insight as well as admiration, and will do my utmost best to give you, the Reader, a chance to glance through stories both old and new. I make no claim to holding the Truth about any genre or story, only my humble assertion that your time with me will not be wasted.

Yours Truly, sporting a pair of newly purchased specs
Me at WonderCon 2013

Alex Willging is a lifelong writer and storyteller, native to Southern California and its never-ending sunshine.  He has written a short story collection, Digital Eyes, Family Ties, which is available on Amazon.  His passion for science fiction and fantasy remains unabated since his childhood, and he is always interested in finding new worlds to explore.